Mental Health First Aid India signs the license with Mental Health First Aid International.
17 August 2017

In 2017, Ms Erinda Shah and Mr. Kaushik Palicha, Founder Directors of MHFA India, signed the agreement and obtained the licence to run Standard Mental Health First Aid courses in India, from the MHFA International. This brings the opportunity to the Indian community to access the mental health first aid courses which are successfully taken in globally, thereby aiding in promoting mental health in India.

Ram Charan Company Pvt. Ltd. supports the setting up and running of Mental Health First Aid in India.
17 August 2017

Ram Charan Company Pvt. Ltd. contributes extensively to social initiatives, reaching the most marginalized people of our society. MHFA India establishment is exclusively funded by Ram Charan Company Pvt. Ltd. to enable the right environment for shift of knowledge and expertise, that has proved to have a positive changing impact in the life of society and country on the whole.

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Professionals across the country came together from 22nd to 25th January 2018 contributing to the Adaptation and Acculturation of the SMHFA.
22 January 2018

The Standard Mental Health First Aid Module (SMHFA) has been through the process of adaptation & acculturation to the Indian context. As part of the adaptation, an Adaptation Work Group (AWG) has been organized from 22nd January 2018 to 25th January 2018 and 13 mental health professionals including care givers from various parts of the country participated voluntarily, sharing their knowledge and experience, and thus contributing to the process.

Deccan Chronicle: Mental health training prog necessary in Tamil Nadu, say experts
27th January 2018

Mental Health First Aid India has launched its training programmes for psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists and social workers in Chennai. The programme focuses on providing mental health first aid strategies to the public through training and research.

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