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MHFA Courses

Introductory Session for Senior Leaders

A session tailored for senior leaders of the company. It aims to bring a broad awareness of mental health situation and the importance of Mental Health education at workplaces. MHFA training components are briefly introduced as well as the role that MHFA can play in prevention and early identification of mental health problems at workplaces in a systematic way.

Online Standard Mental Health First Aid course

Designed for increased flexibility, the workplace Mental Health First Aid course is now accessible in a wholly online blended mode. This will include a combination of self-paced online eLearning course content for maximum of 8 hours and 2 x 2.5 hour ‘face-to-face’ workshops delivered via fully interactive video conference.

The follow-on face-to-face session delivered by an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor via videoconferencing will allow participants the opportunity to revise and consolidate knowledge and skills in a group environment, and to apply their skills to specific scenarios. The face-to-face videoconferencing component must be completed within 3 months of completing the initial eLearning component.

The course material of MHFA India is based on the 4th edition of MHFA standard manual and it has been acculturated to the Indian context. Those who train on the MHFA course also have the opportunity to become an accredited MHFAider by taking the free online test. The accreditation is valid for a period of 3 years.

Face2Face Standard Mental Health First Aid Training

The SMHFA training aims to increase knowledge on mental health, reduce stigma and encourage early help seeking. Training module will follow the agreed international standard of Mental Health First Aid guidelines. Training duration will be 12 hours given in two full days or as we may agree with the company.

Instructors’ Training for Workplaces

Some workplaces chose to have their in-house instructors and therefore invest in the Instructor’s training. An in house Instructor can provide training for your staff regularly, in collaboration with the monitoring from MHFA India. This makes the investment on mental health at your organization more efficient and sustainable.

Free Accreditation Test

Certified Mental Health First Aiders can take a standardized online test to receive Accreditation Certificate. Accreditation is valid for three years. Accredited Mental Health First Aider can be appointed as Mental Health First Aid Officers who can

Provide mental health first aid within their worksite as needed and Escalate any matters if required in a prompt and appropriate fashion according to their relevant organizational policy and procedures.

Learn more on Standard MHFA Course

To get more information on how to bring the Mental Health First Aid training at your Work Place, download the brochure or reach to our team at 7397383004 or write to us at

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