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Mental Health First Aid as a sustained Corporate Social Responsibility

1 in 10 person in India is suffering from mental health problems and most of them (83%) go untreated. Training the groups that you support under your Corporate Social Responsibility on Mental Health First Aid will help increase mental health literacy among public.

Join the movement – Educate Public on Mental Health

As a corporate investing in CSR you have the power to support your groups now with an evidence based training on mental health.

Benefits for the Communities

  • Enhanced Mental Health Literacy among groups in need.
  • Reduced stigma associated with mental illnesses.
  • Improved Health Seeking and Help Seeking behaviour.
  • Enhanced productivity through early detection of mental health problems.
  • Prevent communities ‘at risk’ from developing mental health problems like depression, addiction and suicide.
  • Improved Quality of Life of those who are undergoing mental health problems.

Benefits for the Organization

  • Effective use of the money invested by providing an internationally recognized, evidence based program which can be monitored and evaluated.

MHFA training can be implemented as a health education initiative

Some of the target groups that can benefit are

  • College and University students
  • Under privileged young adults in urban and rural areas
  • Women’s groups
  • Faith Healers
  • Frontline staff like Police, armed forces, nurses


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