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12 Hours Standard Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid 12 hours’ course is intended for all people and organizations that have an impact on individuals and community life. It can be received by any individual 18 years and above and is relevant for the general population interested to educate himself/herself on mental health issues and become a source of help in case a family member, colleague, friend or a stranger experiences/develops a mental health illness or crisis.

Evaluations on the impact of the training reveals that the participants can better manage their mental health. Moreover, their testimonies state that through practicing of first aid skills, lives have been saved.

We all have mental health. Become one among 2 million Mental Health First Aider worldwide. Click here to book for your course today.

Training can be received by individuals and organized groups such as corporates, colleges, faith communities, correctional system, different professionals like community nurses, general practitioners, police officers, military, clubs, legal fraternity or anyone interested in learning more about mental health issues.

5 Days Instructor Training

You can become part of an international community and run one of the most recognized, evidenced based training in Mental Health. You do not need to be a professional in mental health to become an Instructor. You need passion and commitment to become an accredited MHFA Instructor and then train your community in MHFA programme.

Instructor training is a solid 5-day engagement where you get well prepared to run the course in your communities. Take a tour at the Become an Instructor page and learn more how this can become your new passion or rather profession and what are its benefits.

Informative Session

Informative Sessions are offered to inform individuals and organized group on the values of MHFA courses before enrolling. Sessions are delivered free of professional charges and if you wish to organize one for your team or book your seat please click here.