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Mental Health First Aid India

Educating Public on Mental Health

  • Licensed Qualification

    As the only Licensed authority to run Standard Mental Health First Aid training programme for public and instructors in India.

  • International Community

    A universal mental health program that has spread to 24 countries counting over 2 million trained MHFA Aiders.

  • Evidence Based

    Grounded in research, tested by experts and inputs from people with lived experience of mental health issues.

  • Adapted and Acculturated

    Senior professionals & care givers have contributed to the adaptation and acculturation process of the SMHFA module.


Mental Illnesses are common! Book a Standard Course today and become one among the first Mental Health First Aiders in the country.

Become an Instructor

Become one of the first instructor of Standard Mental Health First Aid in India. Be the first to run the MHFA in your state and witness the difference that you can bring in your community.


Mental Health First Aid is an Evidence based training, using rigorous scientific studies.

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